The last few months have been trying.

More than I'm willing to admit, sometimes. It has been a time of growing, stretching, stress, tears and heartache. A time of wondering what God is doing and wondering where He is at in the midst of turmoil and unrest. 

I was listening to a sermon by Erwin McManus the other day and he brought up the story of Joshua. Joshua received Moses' leadership position over the Israelite people after Moses' death and found himself in a similar situation to the one I've found myself in the past few months. Joshua was being called out of something and into something else. Something greater, something better, but something different and something difficult.

I am officially leaving my position at Impact Church after 3+ years of working in tech ministry and I am stepping into the unknown of a career change. Stepping out of ministry and into the business world. This was not a decision that I wanted to make, necessarily, or one that I ever thought I would make, but here I am. 

(Back to Joshua) 

Erwin McManus points out a verse that I often breeze by when reading Joshua 1 and it stopped me in my tracks and spoke directly into my soul. Joshua 1:3.

"I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses."

This is God's promise to Joshua as he ventures into this new phase of his life. That he will bless his journey. But the part that stood out to me was the latter part of that verse, "where you set your foot..." This required action on Joshua's part. This required Joshua to actually move and to take the first step. To walk into the unknown of leading a people group into a land that had been a dream for so long. A dream that seemed impossible to conquer due to who occupied the land and a million other logistics, but something that God had promised He would deliver into their hands.

This resounded with me, as I mentioned before, as I believe God is uttering the same words into my heart. He will bless my path, but I have to be the one to take the first step. 

With that calling in my heart, I am stepping out and starting my own Media Business. I have officially filed my LLC and am pursuing after this with everything that I've got. I'm taking the first step and I'm seeing God already fling open doors. I could gush about the ways that God is moving already.

God is good. Always. 

That has been the phrase that has become solidified in my mind over the past few months. Even when I don't understand what He's up to, or see His larger plan, or feel like He's left me out to dry. He's still there and working in the process. Promising that He'll bless the journey, but that I have to step out first and foremost. I have to move.

I'm obeying and stepping out onto the water. I'm trying to walk on the water, with my eyes locked on Jesus, but I start to doubt in moments and I start to sink. I'm human. But I'm learning throughout it all that God is good and will not let me fall. He will always provide. 

So, if we have a personal relationship, please be praying for my wife and I. This is unexpected and something that we weren't exactly prepared for, but I guess that's what happens when you commit to following Jesus. You give up your right to plan your own life. And I truly have to believe what I have tattoo'd on my chest, doulos. Bondservant. Someone who willingly gives up their rights to be a slave to their master. 

Above all, pray for us as we enter into this new journey. There's a whole lot of uncertainty and questioning in this journey. But we are tools in the hand of our Almighty Creator and trusting that He has a greater plan than what we can see right here and right now. 

We are leaning into the greatest tool for advancing the Kingdom of Jesus; movement.

Kyle Yates