Falling in Love With A Heartbeat

A lot has changed since this time last year for us. 

At this point last year, I was working at a church and working on my degree. I was working part-time at a coffee shop that is no longer in operation. Jess was just coming off of night shift a month prior and switching back to "normal life". She also was not in school and we were still in the process of getting settled into our new house. Also, photography wasn't on my mind in the slightest.

Now, fast forward a year and I feel like I'm in a completely different life. I am no longer working at the church, no longer work at the coffee shop, am done with school, and am chasing after full-time photography with everything I've got. Jess is now dropping down to part-time at work, is in her NP program, and oh yeah, our family is growing. 

One thing cannot be said about my wife and I...that we're boring people. 

The recent news that we shared with everyone has caused me to take a completely different perspective on life in general though. Yes, we have a lot of other things going on in so many other parts of our lives, but they've become secondary. Already, my perspective has shifted from myself and onto our little one joining us soon. All because of one moment in our doctor's office.

We recently had our 12 week appointment and we got to hear our baby's heartbeat. Our baby that is growing rapidly and who we cannot wait to meet. But that moment was extremely emotional for me. I'm an emotional guy to begin with...two things that will get me to cry every single time I watch them, without fail, is soldiers returning home videos and pregnancy announcements. Doesn't matter if I know the family, doesn't matter if it's an elaborate reveal...I will tear up. So, me tearing up at hearing the sound of our baby's heartbeat is not a surprise to myself or my wife. 

When we heard that sound though, it seemed like everything shifted in my mind. It put it into perspective that this life is no longer about me (as if it ever was). Everything that I fight for, as it relates to my career, everything that I own, everything that I am, now revolves around this little life. And I love it. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm anxious, but mostly...I'm in love. And I can't imagine what the feeling will be like when I actually get to hold our little one in my arms.

Since we've known, I've come to appreciate photography and what I get to do even more, especially as it relates to family photography. I get to freeze moments for people of their little ones, or older ones, that seemingly fly by for people. I get to take a moment in time and capture it in a way that people will be able to look back upon for years and remember fondly that time in their lives. Photography is so much more than just aperture, ISO and shutter speeds...it's capturing memories that people will hold to for years to come. 

As I look ahead to 2018 and all that's to come, if I have the privilege of capturing moments like these for you...know that I'm taking the weight of this into my shoot. Know that I understand and comprehend the weight of what these photos mean to you. I promise that I'm continually learning and pushing myself to become better at creating those moments and capturing them for you.

It's amazing what you can learn in one moment...when you fall in love with a heartbeat.


Kyle Yates